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  1. It is clocking to 4.2GHz, yes. No matter what. (outside of setting the max performance to 99%, then it clocks down to 3.49GHz) Ryzen Master is showing the same information as Task Manager is. I have nothing set in Ryzen Master. Purely just using it to monitor stats.
  2. Yeah, exactly the issue I'm having. I'll check out the program. Thanks. EDIT: So I've got in installed and trying the settings, but the CPU is still just ignoring everything and maxing out voltage and clock speed.
  3. No, There is nothing using the CPU. Can't stress that part enough, there's absolutely nothing using it. Something configuration wise is causing this. Purely idle. The OS and build was all completely fresh. This OS is the first OS that has ever been on this hardware.
  4. Yep, I said that in OP. I'm using Ryzen Master to track the temps.
  5. So if I were to set a voltage offset in the BIOS, what kind of number am I entering in that field?
  6. Right, that does work. But doesn't actually solve the issue. Sure, I can lock the voltage to 1.38 and 4.2 or whatever, but then it's still ALWAYS running at max with high temps. It will mean it will never clock down or volt down at idle. And vice versa, it'll never clock up under load.
  7. Yeah, certainly nothing like that. I wish it were that simple
  8. Yeah, so I have updated to the latest chipset drivers available and checked out 1usmus' power plans. Unfortunately none of those power plan options change anything at all. Same behavior occurs. CPU always running at max speed with high temps. Causing the computer to sound like a jet engine at all times, and especially so when gaming.
  9. So, I'm becoming really concerned about my PC temps and I'm struggling to figure out what the cause could be. First, here's the build: CPU - Ryzen 3700X MOBO - ASRock X570 Steel Legend RAM - Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 16GB (2x8GB) GPU - Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming OC 11GB PSU - Corsair HX850 Platinum 850W Fans - 6x Corsair LL120 RGB 120mm CPU Cooler - NZXT Kraken X72 360mm Case - Lian Li PC-011 After immediately turning on the PC, the temps will already sit at 58c-62c. GPU sits at 43c, which is less troubling I suppose. These are purely idle temps. I wouldn't be so concerned about the CPU temps if that was actively doing something, in a game or whatever. But that's purely idle. What I've done so far. I've combed through the BIOS to try to find anything to assist. The first thing I did was a complete BIOS reset, all settings back to default. I've made sure the BIOS is up to date. (September 2019 is the version I have). I now have XMP on for my RAM and that seems to make no difference, on or off. I've seen people suggest that there is a setting called "AMD Cool & Quiet" but that doesn't seem to exist in my BIOS. I've seen suggestions for tinkering with "CState" but I can't find any "Enable" option for anything close to something called CState. That's about the extent of what I've been able to check in the BIOS. In the OS... So something I've discovered to help is to edit my balanced profile and change the Processor power management states to cap at 99% This technically helps, as you can see here. But that's just because it's telling the CPU to use 99% of 3.60GHz. Its base clock. If I change it back to 100% it goes back up to 4.2GHz ALWAYS. When I have it at 99%, CPU-Z reports the voltage at 0.992V When I change it back to 100% CPU-Z instantly reports the CPU going up to 1.440V and it never comes down, no matter what I do. I've seen reports that some monitoring applications can cause the CPU to ramp up, but I'm using AMD Ryzen Master to check these temps and nothing else at all. No iCue, no HWINFO no nothing. I've asked my friend about his machine and how his works because we both bought our machines at the same time with the EXACT same parts. Our PC's are identical. The only difference being he had the PC Shop build it for him whereas I built mine myself. He was happy to pay the extra couple hundred for that. He reports that his PC runs very cool. 28c-32c at Idle. Mine has NEVER been that low. Even with the 99% cap. The only way I can get temps even slightly close to that is to cap it at 50%. 2.20GHz. Obviously not ideal. His CPU is clocking down and voltage clocking down automatically when Idle, as it should be. So why is mine not? Why is mine CONSTANTLY at max speed and constantly shoving max voltage through the CPU when I don't have it capped to 99%. I've been searching for weeks now trying to figure out what to do and getting nowhere. This is basically my last resort... I've also tried reddit, but nothing there has proven helpful unfortunately. Please. If anyone has any ideas, I will do anything...