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  1. is Anti aliasing with a 1440p exponential ?
  2. Yeah IPS and 144hz + Definitely , but what about 144hz double fps or 240hz and even for AAA game 1080p on high or 1440p on medium
  3. Hi , lol once again someone asking this XD Im trying to find a new monitor and wondering what the best fit for me , i play competitive games: Rocket league - Rainbow six - Overwatch but also more demanding competitve game like the new CoD Warzone and more in the future i guess , i still want to enjoy AAA games though , so here what im asking either a 144hz 1080p monitor so i can have double fps of the monitor refresh rate ( i read that it made the game really fluid and responsive to have double fps) , a 240hz 1080p probably a TN panel (idk what more fluid 144hz double fps or 240hz) , a 144hz 1440p IPS (so yeah i have good eyes imo and some ppl says they can notice the 240hz so what more fluid/smooth 240hz or 1440p ?) there also a 1440p 240hz ips even though i wouldnt get that much fps it would prabably be more fluid right ? , recently ive discovered these jaggies or w.e theyre called i can remove them using Anti aliasing sometime but i just cant unsee them now and i think increasing resolution like to 1440p would help but they 240hz fluidity look appealing to me , as i dont care about graphics on my competitive game but i care about these lines and the fluidity . Thanks in advance Im trying to find my information in between reading forums but yeah lots of ppl says different things Maybe someone can relate to what im asking up there
  4. Try changing the window power option to high performance instead of balanced, for that GPU utilization stuck at 50%
  5. so get a 240hz or a 144hz 2k if pc can handle is what you are saying ? gsync cause input lag so its a no and fps below hz cause tearing? again everyone says different thing its weird lol
  6. Hi , first sorry for my english , i read that double the fps of a monitor made it more responsive , like everytime the monitor need a frame the EXACT frame that supposed to be there appear , so im wondering why pro player play with 240hz monitor. im tired of reading different thing everywhere , im trying to find information to buy the right monitor xD as of now 144hz seem more logic , e.g playing COD i see streamer getting 160-180 fps on a 240hz , but its competitive so forget the adaptive sync cause of input lag ? but getting less than monitor refresh rate does tearing ? ... anyway im lost lol need help , i want to find the best all around monitor for me i play rocket league and can get decent 300fps , but i also play AAA games and there is some games like COD that drain some juice but still are competitive i get like 100 fps , im planning on upgrading my GPU too , but still feel like there no middle , i want my game to be fluid , fps and antialiasing is what i feel like is the most important , idc bout graphics , but dam do antialiasing drain juice , yet again seem like you dont need AA with 4k , i cant unsee these lines now xD , it really feel like you need 2 monitor . Sorry i went a bit everywhere with this text XD