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  1. I’ve been trying a lot of things and so far no luck (even on Windows 8).... so I started to remember what I did in the past and I remember that in order to install the GPU driver I had to copy all the values from the hardware ID to a file which I don’t exactly remember... I think it was inside the driver in Windows support install files....
  2. I did that and it didn't work I remember when I did it the first time there was a crucial step to install the graphics driver. I can't remember exactly all the procedure but it had to do something with changing the device property like the hardware id or compatible id. I wished I saved that tutorial back then
  3. Yeah the screen is attached to the computer and I'm running high sierra. I think I'm going to end up installing windows 8.
  4. So a long time ago... (2014) I installed Windows 8 on my Mac (mid 2011 with an Ati Radeon HD 4670). I recently made a mistake and got the windows partition uninstalled... I installed it again, this time with windows 10 and I can’t find a way to install the GPU driver without the screen going dark. The only apparent solution is to go back to win 7 or 8 and then upgrade it to win 10. If someone knows another way it would be great!!