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  1. I've been using OBS... I dabbled with the streamlabs "distro" briefly but I've stuck with the vanilla version.. My main problem is we have a couple videos as an intro and outro, which I play with VLC and stream it using window capture in OBS, is this the typical way of doing this? Not sure if there's a better way
  2. Hello helpful internet people, I'm in a slight predicament... With the current health crisis going about I have been promoted to chief YouTube live stream officer for my church... The only problem is I have absolutely no idea what I am doing lol... I've bumbled through 2 weeks so far but was wondering if anyone might have any suggestions or tips to get me started I have an elgato hd60s+ for camera feed, a USB audio interface coming off the soundboard we've been using, and display capture on the secondary monitor to throw the power points on the the stream Is this as good as it gets? Or am I doing okay? Any feedback is very appreciated