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  1. the problem is my cpu as most of the games I play are cpu based my gtx1070 is enough
  2. are you sure it will be out by then because my cpu is not exactly handling the games
  3. hello i want to upgrade my cpu on my pc and need help on choosing a good cpu and maybe mobo(I am thinking going amd) my correct build: intel I-7600k gtx 1070 8gb 2x8 ram ddr4 2400 asus prime z-270k 1080p my budget is about 600 dollar will most likely buy from amazon as it is mostly chipper them buying it locally(I am from israel) I mostly use my pc for game but most games I play are more cpu intensive like football manger, total war and bannerlord and sometimes tomb raider and divinity original sin 2 and various rpg i prefer a quiet build and i don't overclock i am thinking going amd 3700x