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  1. I am thinking about to build a PC and my budget is 60,000 INR or 780 USD . Please suggest me best specifications including monitor which I can use in my PC. I am Assembling this PC mainly for gaming purpose. I want to include SSD and HDD both and also GPU and CPU should support Overclocking.
  2. any ther option ? because I don't want to buy SSD
  3. Currently I am using hp notebook with HP 8136 motherboard in it. Specs are: 8 GB DDR3 2 GB AMD Radeon M300 1 TB HDD Core i5-6200u (2.30 GHz) Is it possible and safe to overclock my laptop ? i5 6200u is just 2 core and 4 threaded processor which is very slow and also RAM speed is 1600 MHZ....
  4. what do you say about buying samsung 860 evo with 250 gb storage
  5. I believe the same and also hoping that ssd will improve much more performance. Can you suggest any SSDs.
  6. The final decision and my thoughts about core i5 6200u will remain the same that it sucks and also even a core2duo can give faster performance and I am not counting my benchmarks believe , I am just typing my experience.