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  1. @souvik200 Yeah that option has been toggled off since download... im not a software engineer so i definetly good be wrong but it seems to me that it could possibly be looping JS ?
  2. @souvik200 Hey man! definetly the latest version. Not sure how to turn off the analytics however. Is that done through the app?
  3. So my lghub software takes sometimes 100% of my cpu. Ive noticed the problem occurs mostly on boot, but does occasionally happen durring regular usage. When it spikes a common usage percent is 20%/56%/89%100%. Obviously this is a software problem and found out alot of people share this issue. If anyone has any solution to this other than uninstalling the software (which i think i might have to resort too) please let me know! P.S- too the people who will ask if its just a shitty cpu, no im not running a pentium or i3 processor. I7-9700f