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  1. Be assured that a friend is more sensitive than me when it belongs to lags, screentearing etc. Same provier, same free routers of ISP. Lowering the settings wont affect the fps. Also making them higher doesnt make any difference. I will try loading some torrents.
  2. My packet loss constastly shows 0%. So this is not the issue I am speaking of.
  3. I mean, the work of my provider has done a lot. But my friends dont have any problems. We have the same provider. Do you have a video of what kind of lags you are speaking of?
  4. Hey guys, according to the recommendation of linus at the end of this video I wanted to give it a try. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt5CNi0aEpI Currently I have issues running the game Call of Duty Modernwarfare, especially in Warzone. I had multiple problems running this game at first, due to a longer gaming break. My problems kinda stacked up due to that break and now I have cleared most of the issues. First I had issues of packet loss and heavy ingame stutter(freeze), sometimes even lasting multiple seconds. I have been speeking to my provider approx. 30 times to fix the packet loss. For the stutterings I have upgraded my ram from 8gb to 16gb 3200 cl16. Those problems have been fixed now, I guess.. Still I am facing some ingame lags. My specs: Asus GTX 1060 6gb i5 8400 ssd(widnwos) + hdd 16gb RAM 3200 cl16 AOC Gaming monitor 144Hz Gsync Screening a few programs on my second monitor while gaming tells me the following: Pingplotter to speedtest.net shows everything green( I have opened a thread in a german forum according packet loss and people were saying "now its fine") MSI Afterburner tells me that CPU is surprisingly not at 100%. More around 50-60%. GPU is at 99%, kinda surprised. both below 65 degrees celsius. Task Manager telling me that CPU is at 100%. Who Can you trust? Task or MSI? I have no problems regarding fps. The fps are always 60+. Which is also strange to me. Does it have to do with frametimes or something like that? Or is it still the internet? I have been calling my provider that often that I have reached their last level on their escalation level. Telling them once more that there is internet problems will cause in a repair in larger and more expensive way for them, unless the problem is at my side.. then I have to come up for all the costs. Thats what I want to clarify to make sure there is no problems on my side anymore. Again, regarding to the laggs. I have no fps drop downs when those lags appear. I experience this kind of lags the first time. I suspect my CPU to be bottlenecking because sometimes my audio stutters while ingame. What do you guys think? thanks in advance.