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  1. UPDATE: i recently just got a sound meter app on my phone and it read from where i am sitting it is at 30 db. I also found out which fans were making which noises and was able to set them lower to eliminate those whirring sounds! Thank you so much!
  2. Thank you for the help. I built this pc a little over a month ago and the noise has been staying on my mind. I tried to ignore it but i always think of it when i start my pc or take of my headset.
  3. i will try using an app on my phone to measure how loud it is from where i sit. and i will check the rpm of my cpu cooler through the bios once i find time to reboot. i also read that apparently stock coolers are much louder than aftermarket coolers. does that apply to my situation because i have a stock cooler?
  4. also remember that i am not monitoring the cpu cooler from the cam software
  5. i have a 7200rpm hdd but i do not hear any rattling but a little vibrating
  6. im not sure what you mean by where it is getting from but i will try my best to answer. In the NZXT h510 elite case there is the nzxt smart device in the back which monitors the nzxtcam
  7. Ifind it a bit loud with my own hearing. Also keep in mind that my pc is on the same working desk and is pretty close to me. I think the cam ready is right but im not completely sure
  8. forgot to mention my gpu (msi radeon rx 570) only has its fans on when it hits 55C. And i doubt its the psu fan because i recently switched out my old psu for a new one and the sound hasnt changed.
  9. I already have custom fan profiles for my case set in nzxt cam. with these settings i still run at the same sound db 24/7
  10. is there a reason why my pc could be this loud at all levels? i have pretty decent cable management and my cpu and gpu temps are usually around 25C at idle and 40-55C when gaming. This is also a new gaming pc i got last month if that helps.
  11. Anson Chan

    PC noise

    I was wondering if 58-60 db is loud for a PC. My PC is 58-60 db on idle and under load. It doesn't change throughout the day whether i'm gaming on apex or just watching youtube. I was also wondering how loud other's PCs are. If you are asking for my case and fan speed i have the: NZXT h510 elite. 2 140mm fans both at 1000-1100 rpm, 1 140mm fan at 750-800 rpm, 1 120mm fan at 700-850 rpm and cpu fan from ryzen 5 2600 at 1000-1200 rpm.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. IM probably going to get the corsair hs60 because it sounds great and looks very nice. Thank you
  13. I want a new gaming headset that also has a mic. The one i have in mind is the logitech g pro. I want a headset thats not too big and weird looking like the gsp300 and a good mic. should i get the logitech g pro or a different one? Any suggestions? I would like them under 150 CAD
  14. I have many games accidentally downloaded onto my ssd. I was wondering if there is anyway to move them to my hdd without re installing/re download ing
  15. Quick question. It doesnt make sense to contact EVGA when i purchased the item from Canada computers. So why contact the manufacturer?