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  1. Ok, so. Results from mwave are in. Dead GPU. Somewhere my computer has killed it. So it all boils down to the 3 original things. PSU, RAM and PC case. obviously its not the RAM or the Case, so its the PSU. I got a refund for it. And ill use that cash money on a 30 series GPU when they come out and a new PSU. Maybe my old GPU will work again. (also a nintendo switch) Yeet
  2. I ended up buying a new GPU, MSI ventus 2060 super. Plugged it in, booted, no dramas. Started installing drivers, left to eat dinner happier than I've been since Isolation started a couple months back. To come back to a shutdown computer. Computer wouldn't boot, unplugged the power lead, still no boot. Uninstalled the graphics card, and it booted. I DDU the drivers incase the bios diddnt like them. Flashed Bios, but im pretty sure it was already latest update. Reinstalled the GPU, and heres the kicker, no fan spin, no noise, no post. Dead. Just subitted a claim to MSI to see what they can do, if they can't do anything ill get back into contact with the retailer and organize a refund and return. I've spent over $1600 on upgrades. Only for what ever is wrong with my computer to kill my $800 gpu. Only original things are the PSU and RAM, and both are fine. The PSU is more than enough at 550W. Idk. I give up
  3. Sorry for the late reply. In my case, I think it was the GPU. Today (14/04/20) I recieved a new Mobo and CPU (asRock B365 Pro4, i5 9600k). And my GPU is still not being detected by BIOS or windows. IMO; take it to someone you trust with a computer. So you dont spend $600 on attempting a repair your self. I took it to a large computer compay who diddnt run correct tests or even check my system properly. So Ill be spending god knows how much on a new GPU now. Might just attempt the oven back method of fixing my GPU, as my warrenty is long gone. Nothing to loose anymore
  4. Well, update. Took it to centercom, waited a week. Just got it back, told me I had not seated the GPU correctly and that there were no issues. Got back home, plugged everything back in; just to find out nothing has changed. Fuck you centercom, Cunts
  5. Final Post. Verdict: Motherboard PCIE Lane is Dead. After trying a new GPU It wouldnt recognize it, Install drivers or even accept its existance. So thankfully Ill have to spend $200 on a motherboard. Instead of $900 on a GPU. Thanks for everyones help. This isnt the result I wanted. And I definetly caused it by not removing my GPU while upgrading my PC. This is an expensive lesson. But a good one none the less
  6. So. I found an old GPU in a computer sitting in my garage. Its an ATI Radeon X1300 256mb. Ill swap out my current GPU for this. If it works, Its my GPU thats died. If it doesnt, Its my Motherboard.
  7. Update. Windows reinstalled. Now my screens are mirrored and my GPU is still not posting or being detected. So guess its time for a new GPU
  8. Update, So my computer is refusing to let me reinstall windows with easy mode. So im trying the advanced mode. Ive disconnected my HDD and SSD only leaving my M.2 and my USB (with windows installer). This better work. I cant go out to centercom. And I dont want to courier my computer there for inspection or upgrades. Could this be my powersupply unit? I doubt it would be but could it be possible?
  9. Tried running Safe mode: Nothing. Time to reinstall windows
  10. I tried ddu but it diddnt do anything. It found my GPU hardware, but it could've been a ghost of my software on my computer that already existed. And I updated my Bios when I was troubleshooting before I think a fresh install of Windows might just resolve this.
  11. I made an error in my previous reply. It would not let me install drivers, as it could not detect a GPU. Ill Attempt removing storage devices and seeing what happens. But a clean install of windows should resolve both my errors Edit: (Maybe some info I should have included, dunno if relevant) This has happened before. When I got a new desk, I put my PC down flat on my floor instead of standing up. And my GPU wouldnt post. I let it sit for an hour then it started working again (but same thing, lights were working, fans spinning)
  12. Yes, I had updated it a few weeks ago, but when I tried to update it to its latest for this GPU it refused to update. "This Update of Geforce is incompatible with this update of Windows" I attempted a restart then a manual change to use PCIe in bios; Geforce refused to even boot properly after the restart. So I uninstalled the Geforce drivers, and reinstalled them to the same issue (Also the Bios manual change reverted when I went back in)
  13. Ok, so, New to the Forum, short time reader. In need of big help (GPU not posting or being found by bios) I recently upgraded my pc with some fans and extra bits, and in doing so the GPU has stopped working. PC parts: CPU : Intel I5-7400 cpu 3.00GHz Mobo : Asus Prime B250M-A Micro ATX LGA1151 RAM : HyperX Fury DDR4 2x8 gb (16gb) GPU : Gigabyte geforce G1 1060 6gb PCIe16 PSU : Thermaltake Litepower 550W Storage : Samsung evo 860 m.2 sata 1tb, Kingston 120gb ssd, WD HDD 2tb, some random 500gb HDD that mum has stuff on (Peripherals) Case : Coolermaster masterbox 5 CPU Cooler: Coolermaster i71C Case Fans : Coolermaster 120mm rgb (x3) (back exhaust, top exhaust, front vent) Coolermaster RGB controller Diskdrive : Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-218L Driver updates: Windows 10 home 64x : build 18363 Nvidia geforce : it wont let my check, and it refuses to update BIOS : Prime b250m-a-asus-1205 So today (31/3) my RGB controller and addressable 40cm fan cables arrived and I set out to upgrade my PC to completion. (I had also recently installed an M.2 and 2 case fans). So around 2 week ago I installed 2 RGB fans (replacing the preinstalled case fan) and one above my mobo (as it diddnt reach the front of the case) and also an M.2 as my SSD was just about full. So I had no problems installing any of those, computer booted no dramas. Used Samsungs programme to migrate data from one device to another; in order to change my C drive to the M.2 (from the SSD). This was done roughly around the 14th of March, on the 16th I got home from work excited to play the new DOOM, to find that my Computer was booting to a blackscreen with just CMD open. I tried everything under the sun to resolve it. Nothing worked. So I gave up, as I had no backups to revert to or my usb with my boot drive on it. Now forward to the 31st, my extra parts arrived. I Installed a fan in the front of my PC, Installed a new fan (removing the stock intel fan) onto my CPU, and attached them all to my new RGB controller. Installed my mums HDD into one of the bays and used an old sata cable to connect it to my motherboard. Also installed the diskdrive from that old computer into my one (also with one of the old sata cables). After cable managing everything to the best of my ability and putting the case back together, I booted it up; onto a screen through my motherboard output. Outputs, same CMD issue, run explorer, go into my explorer: HDD is working, Disk drive is working, RGB fans are going nuts with their colours. Everything is well. I was a very happy camper. I took my computer back to my room, set up my desk, plugged 2 screens into my Motherboard (VGA, DVI-I) and my main screen into my GPU (DVI-I). And I boot up my computer, but my main screen (which goes into my GPU) has no post. But my GPU's RGB fan stop button is working and the fans are runnning. Now in order of what I did next: Uninstalled the HDD from mother board and disconnected power cables; Nothing happened Uninstalled the Disk drive from mother board and disconnect power cables; Nothing happened Disconnected the rgb controller from mother board; Nothing happened Disconnected the cable splitter for my case fans from the top of my motherboard; Nothing happened Now I started to freak right out Starting looking up solutions, most were things that any sane person would do (check if the cable was in correctly, check if the computer was actually plugged in, restart the computer...), NCIX recommended resetting CMOS, so I shorted the contacts and booted my computer, re-set up everything: Nothing I tried updating windows; latest update already I tried updating Bios, Nothing I checked if the cable above my CPU was loose; It wasnt I checked to see if the GPU was loose; It wasnt I took the GPU out and put it back in, Nothing I have tried everything I can think of, my computer wont pick it up. And im ready to just cry, as I am in Isolation for my health and for my families health I cant exactly go out to my Centercom (I live in Australia) and get it checked out. And I really don't feel like fawking out $900 on a new GPU So in short, help me please. I am lost and I really want to play DOOM. Thanks for reading and all, I understand its a big thread and I really need the help. Photo attached of GPU lit up(and new fans :D), Id take more of my computer but I cannot be bothered taking it all apart again to take photos, plus its late and I need sleep.