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  1. Also i managed to find the exact spot again in case someone digs up this thread: 13:34 It was specifically the A7s footage that they converted to cineform YUV 10-bit, and we are working with the A7iii and the cineform workflow is really good for people working in the field on laptops right now.
  2. Thanks for all the replies! We're doing a lot of XAVCs sony footage now at work and was just looking for a new workflow to test. Sending files when nobody is at the office is becoming a chore
  3. Hi everyone, sorry for a bit of a messy question ... hope it goes in the right place on the forum. I sometimes listen to LTT videos in my car to and from work, and in one video he said that they converted the video do another easy to edit format that didn't loose a noticeable bit of quality in the process. Of course i forgot to make a note after arriving at work what video I was watching and forgot about it. Now that I thought of it I can't for the life of me remember what video it was! So does anyone remember what video it was or if someone just knows? Thanks for reading!