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    The Netherlands
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    Soccer, Gaming and PC's


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    16GB DDR4
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    NZXT H510
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    Kingston A2000
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    Corsair VS550
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    Samsung Syncmaster 923nw
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    CoolerMaster Master Lite 240
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    Trust GTX 285
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    Steelseries rival 650
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    HyperX Cloud II
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    Windows 10 Home
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    Samsung Galaxy S20

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  1. Yea but why wouldnt the rest then get power?
  2. Hey, I just finished building my pc, everything is plugged in but the fans dont spin but theres light to my keyboard. I also dont get anything oj my monitor. I think it has something to do with the frontpanel connectors because I think I git them wrong. What are possible problems and does anyone know how the fpc should go on the gygabyte b450M ds3h?
  3. I'm probably getting it tomorrow because I missed out on a samsung monitor which went down €90 Thanks for you help!
  4. That aren't that bad temps, they're a bit high but it isn't terrible, average idle is about 30-40°C. I get 37°C when Idle and that means nothing is nothing is running and I use a watercooler which is better at transfering heat than air. So, with those temps you should be fine. They also shouldnt be in a range of 10°C difference so check if you're not running anything in the background when checking the temps.
  5. Just looked it up and they don't really sell them in the Netherlands and on their site they are all out. However, thanks for the advice!
  6. Hello, I've been using 2 60Hz monitors which I got second hand. I've been thinking about buying a new monitor for a while now but I kept leaving it for the future. Now my adapter for my 2nd monitor broke and since I sometimes like to stream I will need a replacement for it. I've been looking at two monitprs and I was hoping if someone else has some knowledge or owns one of these monitors and can give me advise. I'm talking about the: -MSI Optix G241 -AOC G2590FX They have both dropped in price in my country. The MSI one is now €200 and the AOC one is €160. They both have a 144hz refresh rate and a 1ms responsetime but the MSI one has a IPS panel and the AOC has an TN panel. The AOC panel however has a 400cd/m² brightness and the MSI has a 250cd/m². Do you think its worth the extra €40 for someone who games, watches some films and does some content creation and graphics design? Thanks
  7. Yes I will, thank you very much.
  8. Thats also not the reason Im changing. I'd like to get a new case, psu and graphicscard and in my prebuild this wont be possible and I'd like to take the CPU out and put it in the new one
  9. I want a new case and this one wont fit. Plus, I want to make some other changes. But thank you
  10. I already have a prebuild but I want to make a few upgrades to my PC and so I I'd also like to get a new motherboard.
  11. Hello, I have an i7-6700 CPU, but I want to buy a new motherboard. I'm not familiar with chipsets, so my question is: which chipset is compatible with my CPU?
  12. Okay, thank you for your help
  13. Guess we'll see, just hope it wont run in any problems
  14. Maybe I'd just try. I have warranty when I buy it. So I can always try it and if it doesn't give a screen I know it cant work