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  1. The thing is I have had my system a year and it has been running fine for that whole time. I did these same test before and was getting above average scores. Now when I preform test my scores have dropped over 50%. My system can barely run games now despite having a 2080. and the ssd is also affected so cpu thermal throttling does not explain it.
  2. I ran cinebench and my cpu was performing at about 50% of the example 8700k
  3. i have afterburner, my cpu and gpu are not running hot. Could this be a motherboard problem. It is a m.2 ssd.
  4. My cpu and gpu are running cool though i do notice that the cpu is turboing below base clock.
  5. About 2 weeks ago my pc began stuttering in games. Then a few days ago it would crash and require a hard reboot every 15 minutes or so when gaming. However, at this time the pc was still running normally for regular task. Then this morning when I turned on my pc, everything has been running slowly. I performed a user benchmark test and it came back with the results that my CPU Gpu and SSD are all performing below 6 percentile. Here is a link to the Test: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/26000464 Any help would be greatly appreciated.