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  1. Sorry about that but I haven't really used GitHub before and thanks for the tip. I think I did it right this time but I'm not sure about that. https://github.com/Ciwo-K/PingApplication
  2. Oh you're right. https://github.com/Ciwo-K/PingApplication/issues/1#issue-590338434 This is the whole code for the application. Feel free to dig around in it. You can even build the application for yourself.
  3. Hey you guys on the forum. I work as a software developer in Germany. I've been living in a rural area with very limited internet access (6 Mbit) for a very long time. Thankfully the situation changed now that I have moved. I love gaming and especially playing multiplayer games with my friends over the internet. With such a small internet connection, you often have a bad ping or connection loss. Even the smallest download (Windows updates or Steam) in the background can ruin a round. So I wrote a lightweight application to monitor the connection quality of my internet in the system tray. You can see at a glance how good the Internet quality is to find out if the problem is on your side or somewhere else. This is what the app looks like: Like I said it is a very lightweight application which uses 0%-0.4% of CPU on my 6700k and about 5 MB of RAM. This is what the settings menu looks like: I hope it is particularly useful for those who have bad internet. You are welcome to download and use it free of charge to monitor your connection quality. You can download it from my google drive LINK. Just unzip it and run the PingerLite.exe. You can double click the tray icon to enter the settings menu. Sincerely yours Ciwo