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  1. yeah i read that after made me feel a little stupid. thank you though
  2. Thank you so my motherboard do not have a clear cmos button but i took out the cmos battery and after i did that i heard it could be bad idk, but yes i did try to clear the cmos.
  3. the motherboard came with a bios for the new ryzen series but after i had the problem i did update it yes and tried again but it did not work
  4. Hey, i change my psu, motherboard and ram for about 8 months ago and 1 month ago i changed my cpu, i had some problems with booting my new cpu the dram cpu lights on my motherboard was flashing, but it ended op booting and was running for like 2 weeks but then one morning it would'nt boot it just kept going through the cpu dram lights, cpu light was red, dram orange, vga white and boot green. now i change back to my old cpu it has no problems but some of my rgb is lighting is gone now, so im thinking my psu might be bad? i have updated the bios on my motherboard btw. specs: new cpu ryzen 5 3600 old cpu ryzen 3 1200 motherboard asus b450-e psu seasonic focus 550W platinum gpu rx 570 ram 16gb g.skill ddr4 Is my psu or motherboard bad can't figure it out. sorry for any bad spelling