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  1. The modem/router is a Hitron. I have no idea what if it goes to 1 gigabit. And not sure if current cable is a cat5e or not will check and I have one I could try.
  2. The internet comes into the house through a modem/router from Shaw. Its rated in Mbps. When using the on board network adapter the wifi reported as 13Mbps and wired only came in at max 50 Mbps as download speeds and a constant of 16Mbps for upload on both connections and this was tested on Ookla. Shaw promises 300Mbps. My cell phone pull in just under that when connected to the home wifi.
  3. Ok I have an older laptop, a HP 15-af039ca, running win 10 64bit. The built in realtek wireless network only ran on the 2.4ghz range but I have 5g in my house. I am only getting max 50Mbps DL / 16Mbps UP plugged in and on wifi 13Mbps DL but still 16Mbps UP. So I went and got a Asus ac53 nano wifi adapter and set it up to run on the 5g freq but for some reason I am getting even worse wifi speed after doing so. Oh and btw I have 300 internet from shaw. HELP pls?????
  4. figures a definite you get what you pay for/can afford. besides the can i run it site the Radeon Adrenaline 2020 software claims i should be able to run it as well.
  5. I have a HP 15.af039ca laptop with 8gb ram. I recently got Tomb Raider 2013 for free through Steam. Now according to "Can U Run It" this laptop's current processor and vram is supposed to meet the recommended requirements to play it. but is laggy at lowest settings. Is there something I can do like change settings in the laptop or increase the ram to 16gb which in turn would give me 2gb of available vram??? would anything make a big enough difference or am i just wasting my time? yes I know laptops are crap for playing any real graphics intensive games, however and ironically my laptop works better playing Skyrim or ESO which according to "Can You Run It" my laptop doesn't even meet min requirements for those 2 games.