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  1. hey guys, im planning to get 2 monitors for my setup and i was wondering if would it affect my fps of the game im playing on my main display. thanks for your replies in advance
  2. hey man, i just finished installing msi afterburner and i tried it out in gta V. here are the results man. as you can see it still runs on 42 fps and the gpu is at 83% usage
  3. ohhhh okay okay, ill try to check with afterburner and ill get back to you afterwards
  4. no dude seriously, GPU usage is at 0% but the temperature reaches up to 70. want me to send you a pic of it?
  5. sorry about that haha thats also another problem of mine. i downloaded nzxt cam to see the cpu and gpu usage during the game and i noticed that my cpu usage is around 50% average and my GPU usage is at 0%. i tried maxing out all the graphics in the game but the gpu usage would still be at 0. is that still considered a cpu bottleneck?
  6. oh sorry for misunderstanding sir. so just to be clear sir, the cpu and gpu are not the issue in my setup?
  7. so if i do opt to get a new processor with more cores and still have 1 stick of RAM, i could get better fps? on the other hand, if i opt to just add another stick of RAM and stay with my current processor, should i get a stick of RAM with higher speed or does that make a difference?
  8. Hi there guys. I need answers as to what the problem in my setup is Specs: Processor: i7 7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz (8CPUs) Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6GB RAM: 1x8GB 2133MHz RAM I just got GTA V and i was expecting very high fps with this game, as i researched on online benchmarks. But when i played it, my fps was just between 30-60 fps. Sometimes, it even goes to the near 20s if there's so much going on in the game like for example im driving around the city. I researched online benchmark of the said graphics card in the game Dota 2 and it showed fps up to 150 fps with all the settings in very high. But when i played it in my setup, i only get 100fps with very high settings. I'm really sad because i don't want to think that i wasted my money on a very expensive graphics card and dont get the ideal results.