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  1. Yeah i thought the same thing, just now with this corona virus and me spending my time at home 24/7 wanted a bit of a perfomance boost, was thinking oc but i have 0% clue how to oc so i thought fk it, if i can buy cheap 960 i might as well chuck in sli until i can build next PC.
  2. Yeah i mean I was thinking as temporary upgrade till next gpu drop, performance wise not sure, just realised my gpu started struggling when i played red dead and couldnt get over 28 fps on medium-low graphics and realised time for upgrade. Was considering building new pc but ive been reading new gpus should be dropping in the next couple of months so thought to buy cheap 960 and run in sli so i get at least somewhat of a increase in power for cheap
  3. Hey guys, just signed up to the forum! I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice, i wanted to upgrade GPUs as I have a Gigabyte gtx 960 4gb (bit outdated), but ive been reading that new gpus should be dropping soon but with this corona virus i would assume it would be delaying that massively. So pretty much im wondering should I: 1. Buy 2070 super and bite the bullet if new gpus drop even tho its a $800 aus card 2. Buy another 960 and run SLI until new gpus drop - i found one for $160 aus Im more leaning toward 2 as my performance isnt that bad and id rather new gpus to drop and then build new pc then instead of buying a 2070 now and it being inferior in 2-6 months Cheers lads!