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  1. i like that idea. also you think its possible to put one of the monitors above and the main one below and switch between those to because I dont have much space on my desk thats why
  2. i currently have a 240hz monitor and i am about to buy a 144hz 1440p monitor, I want to use the 240hz monitor for some games like csgo for games that i can hit 240hz consistently but some other games like single player games i want to play 1440p. By any chance is there a monitor arm where I can slide over betweem monitors instead of moving the whole monitor and switch monitor arms. Its probably a stupid question but im dumb and I would take any advice or help.
  3. That’s exactly what I was thinking just wanted to make sure. Had the ryzen 2700x for streaming but I got this cpu a long time ago and I want something more just for boosting my fps. You think the ryzen 5 3600 should do the job
  4. i forgot to mention. i run my games on my hard drive and it seems to me that they have made newer versions of my hdd but idk if it truly affects fps, also I turned up my ram to 3200 mhz in the bios
  5. 78 programs running but none of them are taking up any cpu usage just a couple at like 0.1-0.5% and they are just rgb or other softwares for my mouse and keyboard
  6. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zKPtrV This is currently my build right now and I do receive high fps in most games but I am currently with a 240hz monitor and I am trying to reach that cap on fps games I mainly play. One game I mainly play is rainbow six siege and I average about 160 fps on low settings playing on 1080p but I look at bench marking videos and people with my same setup receive higher fps on ultra settings. A couple of my friends receive higher fps than with the same settings while using lower end cards. I really need help with this and will take any advice, I updated all my drivers even tried overclocking and nothing really seems to help.