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  1. Title, LinusTechTips uses AssetManager ( https://www.kzsoftware.com/ ) but I've seen there barcodes they use. I'm wondering if anyone has the template or knows how I can use them on my version of AssetManager ( https://www.kzsoftware.com/ ). Its basically little white circle stickers with a barcode on it. Looks like this below but want to know how they actually did it!?
  2. Hello! In all of the Linus Tech Tips server videos I've seen/heard that all the servers have their own name. I'd quite like to know the names of them all so if you could all help me and tell me the names as I think they sound very cool. I've honestly forgot them all, the only ones I can remember are The Vault, Whonnock and New Whonnock. Cheers!