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  1. Yeah that's what am thinking I try to put a videocard on the motherboard and one that will fit and people have had them in them and unfortunally it burned it my graphics card as well just a small one to test something.
  2. Hi everyone claudio here. What i have. Server: ProLiant 380 G7 x2 intel xeon x5670 1 tb hdd 120 gb Ram now this server has giving me a lot of trouble and am thinking to to just take the chipset , hdd and the ram and get in to another server this motherboard i think has some minor problems that cant fix or figure it out probably some burnt or about to get burn component dont know. what i want to know what other options are out there looking to get a desktop gaming computer and just put windows server 2008 ( thats what the game runs on so it needs to be windows server 2008 ) or change motherboard and see what happens. what do you guys thing any hints where do i buy a new system for gaming and just put windows server on it ?