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  1. Got my PSU. Came with an EU plug though, so I had to use my old Corsair mains lead. (Ofc used the BeQuiet internal cables though). Aside from the Sata plugs being upside-down (designed for top-mounted PSU?) so I had to run cables a tad longer than I wanted, all seems well. Seems quiet enough, currently no coil whine, and from a quick test, it seems to have solved my reboot issues! Great! Beforehand I could trigger a reboot pretty quick either just randomly by playing a game, or opening the steam overlay and tinkering while playing. Seemed to be nice and stable when I just tested. I did what most people on here said and used separate GPU PCIe cables, r(ather than the splitter one), and plugged them into separate column sockets. Thanks for the advice everyone. Hope it lasts as long as my old one.
  2. Managed to snag the 850w Platinum Straight Power 11 version on Amazon, for only a few quid more than it would have cost at Scan or Overclockers + Delivery. Had gift card balance to use, and I trust the returns process a tad more with Amazon (fulfilled). I know the 850w is a tad more than needed, but the 750w was actually more expensive (lol), and also only £10 cheaper elsewhere. Didn't want to run the 650w in-case I need a tad more in future. Thanks all! Lets hope it works reliably and also solves the reboot issues.
  3. Not on mine! I checked and they're both within the cluster of sleeved cables coming straight out of the PSU. I looked when I read some advice on not to use split cables for the GPU power etc, but found there was nowt I could do as although they look separate, the cables are fixed anyway.
  4. I'm "hoping" that's the same issue I'm seeing, as it seems stable enough when idling. However the HX1050 is only semi-modular. The MOBO & PCIE cables for the GPU power are all inbuilt into the PSU. Even if it's possible, I don't feel confident enough taking it apart. If it was less than 8 years old I'd definitely try that approach though, cheers. But I think it's time for a new one, I've switched out almost every other component in my PC besides the CPU & PSU over time.
  5. May as well though for the same price, (well, £1 cheaper lol). I'd prefer Amazon if they had it as I know they're good with returns, but the other two should be good enough.
  6. Pff seems those I linked were the older, gold versions. Amazon UK doesn't have the platinum Straight Power 11. Overclockers and Scan do though, same prices on both sites. The 850w plat is only 14 quid more than the 750w too, so may as well get that, even if it's a tad excessive. I'll do some final reading but I think I'll be going for this: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/be-quiet-straight-power-11-850w-80-plus-platinum-modular-power-supply-ca-143-bq.html https://www.scan.co.uk/products/850w-be-quiet!-straight-power-11-platinum-fully-modular-80-plus-platinum-quad-rail-70a-135mm-fan-atx User reviews on the old Gold versions were good. Pro reviews on the new plat seem good too, the only complaint was a 5 year warranty instead of higher. Looks a good choice! So last off, overclockers or scan? Long time since I've bought from either, opinions seem to be mixed and threads were from 2013.
  7. Cheers guys. Anywhere I can directly compare the difference in features, noise, quality, cables etc? Other than just pulling up the pro reviews for each. Something like the old spreadsheet, though I think that was the old tier list and has now been replaced by the new one. I'll probably go with the Straight Power, unless I see something off. How come the Dark Power is only semi-modular, isn't that supposed to be "better"? As mentioned price is a nice bonus, but not the main factor I'm looking at.
  8. After a bit more digging (and reading your advice, though I didn't like the look of the Bitfinex ones), I'll probably will go with one of these: Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 850w - £207 Be Quiet! Straight Power 11 750w - £130 (or 850w at £150) Corsair HX850 - £166 Corsair HX850i - £180 Corsair AX850 - £178 Seasonic Prime TX-850 - £250 Btw 750w versions either aren't available, or are literally only £10 less. No AXi versions in the wattage I want available at reasonable prices either. Unless they're really THAT much better, I won't bother looking elsewhere. The HX850i is more expensive than the AX850. Am I missing something here? Not that bothered about Corsair Link support. I do use it for controlling my H80i Cooler though, but I can't imagine using it much for managing the PSU. Had a scout at some other units, but the user reviews didn't look too great. Why is the Dark Power Pro only semi-modular, yet the "lesser" version is fully? Am I missing something there too? My current HX1050 is semi-modular, even the GPU power cables are built-in, which is why I'm looking for something "newer". Going to try and compare between the above on some of the professional reviews, though some are a bit baffling when it goes into rippling and amps etc. I basically just want something long-lasting, safe / reliable, quiet (even with fan on. Hum is ok, but no clicking or grinding), and hopefully no coil whine. Don't mind paying a tad more to ensure that. As mentioned am concerned about some negative reviews around the Seasonic fan noise (and highest price!), so currently leaning towards one of the others.
  9. Thanks Seon. Something that's not stupendously noisy would be good. I might look at the HX750 then, since my HX1050 has done me quite well for 8 years (and I don't need that much power now that I have a "newer" card, and no longer running SLI). Edit: Scratch that, the HX850 is literally just £5 more than the HX750.. I presume no downside (other than price) to getting higher wattage if it's that close? Edit 2: Lots of people in reviews complaining about Coil whine / shutdowns, so they bought an EVGA or Seasonic Prime instead. Argh! lol. As to the Seasonic's Huong Hua fan, maybe that's related to the "I ordered a PSU, not a coffee grinder!" reviews I'm seeing, which is what was mainly putting me off those. Many people have posted vids where the fan emits a loud "clicking" sound when it's on. I presume the same issue would be present with the AX's (non i) if they're the same? Regarding anecdotes, true. That's why I liked the old spreadsheet based tier list, nice and easy to compare specific factors from one PSU to another. Funny how the top-end variants seem to be "worse" in some ways than the mid-tier. Normal fan "noise" isn't too bad, but I have semi-open backed headphones and HATE coil whine, so units that are not known for that would be nice. Looking at the HX850, it seems to have a switch for Single / Multi-rail mode, so that's something (along with Price, and a better fan(?)) it has over the Seasonic Prime, lots of complaints around the "flat" cables though, apparently. Why would I choose the RMs over the HXs? (other than price). The Whisper M & Dark Power PSUs seem to have worse reviews. Straight Power ones seem decent though. Having a look now.
  10. I don't mind splashing out a tad more for a bit more efficiency / reliability. I'll be adding/upgrading some components at some point, too. I'd have thought as long as I could afford it, it would be better to go with the Prime than the Focus? (If choosing Seasonic). My current one has lasted me a good 8 years so I'm hoping for similar. Didn't see much difference in reviews on JonnyGuru's page, besides a bit better build quality in the primes. I was choosing 850w as most calculators seemed to state around 800w was required (one even said 856 but I discounted that). Further reading indicated I can probably get away with a 750w. Unsure if I want to knock it right down to 650w as it might be cutting it a bit close. (Isn't just the card I need to power, plus I've OC'd it a bit through GPUTweak2). Price-wise there's not much difference (about £10-20) between the lower powered units and the 750-850w ones on Amazon UK. Still unsure whether single / multi-rail is a thing I need to cater for. I've watched Jonny's video so I "get" the basics, but my current HX1050 is single rail I believe and never had any issues till recently (even with this card). I understand it gives better protection if something goes wrong, but if even the top-end Seasonics are set to single, nothing to worry about? Yeah I get the AXi's are different, user reviews seemed to list a lot of reliability problems though, having to RMA 3+ times etc (just bad luck?), plus it seems quite hard to get a hold of the AX860i at the moment. Only the 1200w versions seem readily available and I don't need THAT much power. Anything I'm missing?
  11. I've tried to read both. Sometimes it's tough finding the exact ones due to branding changes (such as the Seasonic), or the review listed being for 2012 or something, whereas the models I was looking at were the 2018+ ones. Such as I heard a lot of the problems with the Corsair AXs were now fixed? Etc. I remember reading the Seasonic was listed better for noise etc, but now it seems further down the tier list. Must have been a different model I was looking at though if the AX850 Plat and the Seasonic Prime Tx 850 are literally the same, just different brands. Sounds like I couldn't go much wrong with either?
  12. Nah temps are fine when monitoring. Stress-testing is alright too. Certain things trigger it pretty fast, one being the Steam Overlay. Weird eh? GPU seems fine otherwise, only had it a few years. Was thinking it would likely be due to the PSU. The cables for the GPU on the HX1050 aren't removable either so I can't check those. GPU overclock is set though the ASUS GPUTweak 2 tool, just setting it from "Gaming Mode" to "OC Mode". Seems to reboot regardless. Was thinking it was likely due to my PSU being old (I presume 8+ years is old nowadays..) and it being about ready for a replacement. Presume newer ones could handle the 980ti better? Thanks for the notes about the rebrand, I'd read about that but didn't know those two specific models were literally the same. There's not many reviews for the Seasonic Prime on Amazon, seems they re-listed it in September. Something to do with consolidating model branding?
  13. Hmm I seem to remember the Seasonic PSUs were much higher up the list on the old Tier lists. (I remember looking at a spreadsheet version). I'm mulling between: Corsair AX850 (or AX860) and Seasonic Prime TX-850 I looked at some of the other brands in the S-Tier and they had quite bad reviews re: reliability or noise. Currently running a Corsair HX-1050 that has done me well for 8 years, but my PC is now rebooting during games, so looking for a reliable, and quiet replacement, any recommendations? Hoping I can get away with an 850w as I now have a single Geforce 980ti instead of two 590s. I presume the Corsair AX850i etc is S tier due to the ability to configure single or multi-rail mode, while the other two are static as single? I've noted many user reviews stating the i versions are quite unreliable though, multiple units dying after just a few months, coin whine, etc. As mentioned my current one has lasted over 8 years so.. Otherwise though, many user reviews note some "grinding" fan noise with the Seasonics, argh. PC Specs: OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3960X Hex-Core CPU, 3.9GHz Graphics Card: ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 980 TI, 6GB (Slightly OC'd to 1317 MHz) System RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 16GB Storage (SSD): 1x Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSD, 1x Samsung 850 Pro 2TB SSD Storage (HDD): 2x Samsung F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200RPM HDDs. CPU Cooler: Corsair H80i V2 Power Supply: Corsair HX1050