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  1. Thanks. So this cable is able to carry 10bit HDR display @ 6K 60hz? http://tekram.com/thunderbolt-3-industrial-optical-cable-30-meter/
  2. Ok but that means you are free to use any non Apple display unless you want the XDR, then you have to put it in the testbed?
  3. This is quite funny. So they are selling a rackmout Mac pro. Cool but how is anyone supposed to connect the display to this unit if there's no cable capable of carrying the signal? I mean unless you want your monitor on top of the rack, this doesn't make sense at all.
  4. Can you list your source please? According to this video, the test was run @ 3.3 Ghz. Other videos are showing a maxed out , 28 cores dual GPU system completely silent under intensive tasks. I don't think it's really underclocked CPU.
  5. Exactly my thoughts. Actually the new Mac Pro could sustain full CPU/GPU for hours without ramping up the fans and without any throttling. I have yet to see a dismantled / tear up video to understand how they achieved it No way to get this working with the new Apple XDR display right ? no adapter whatsoever would work.
  6. I thought the watercooling main challenge is to silence the pump and digging deeper, it looks like the best bet is to keep the pump under low rpm which is not very recommended but I'm not familiar with that TBH. Hey thanks, I'm leaning towards the 3970X. You think it needs better cooling or good to go with the parts listed ( i realized it needs a TRX40 MB )
  7. Do you mind sharing the kit? I couldn't find anything online. I do have space in my bedroom however but idle noise is something and heavy load noise is a different story. I don't think a silent cooling system will remain silent under heavy load. The Mac pro is dead silent under full load, I don't know how but that's basically what every reviewer noticed... but enough with Apple. Yeah the apartment is still not finished. Few weeks of work letf. Regarding the USB repeater, that's basically the advantage of TB3.
  8. I'm lately using 3DS Max and Thea render however, most of the time I use CAD, salesforce and office applications. It's a 24/7 online PC.
  9. I's a workstation but playing games is also a nice addon since iMac doesn't perform well when it comes to maxed out games. It's a 4k HDR over cat7. Actually I'm getting 4K HDR @ 60 Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling and the ethernet cable length is approx. 180ft. Check AT-OPUS-46M if you're interested.
  10. So the problem is that I have been using iMacs since 2008. I used to have custom builds back in time ( 1997-2007) but the iMac had many advantages like space and noise. Recently, I've been renovating my apartment and although everything is planned ( AV distribution, home automation etc.. ) I had a last minute change of mind. I am sick of Apple and their limited customization and I'm sick of sticking with the same old maxed iMac for many years. Problem is, I'm used to have my PC desk in the bedroom and that's the plan however, my wife will literally kill me if the computer is not totally silent and placing the desk outside the bedroom is out of question. Longstory short, I have a 28" depth ventilated closet where the automation system is and a rack that includes HDMI matrixes, servers etc.. It's 50ft. away from the master bedroom. I'm thinking of either having a rackmount workstation or wall mounted Thermaltake Core P5 ( pic included ). Problem 1 : Don't know how to get a 5K screen to work from that distance assuming that any kind of cabling needed is possible. Problem 2: HDMI matrix is only capable of 4K HDR ( Atlona Optus ) Problem 3: I'm even considering Apple 6K display which makes things more complicated. I've seen Linus unboxing an asrock aqua x570 which has a TB3 which I assume can help ( 2 x displayport from RTX 2080ti to TB3 ) but I can't seem to find any TB3 cable that is 80 ft long. I've haven't been following custom installation since really long time so you guys know better. Any idea? ( budget is not an issue)