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  1. I just finished building my new PC. and when i tried to turn it on all of the fans spun (including the gpu fan) but the error code would stay on 00 and lights on the board would be switching between Cpu and DRAM (Video attached) I have tried reseating the ram and GPU. I have checked all of the power connectors. I took the motherboard battery out to reset the cmos. I tried with only 1 stick of ram and no sticks of ram and it still has the 00 error although when i took all the ram out. The CPU led stayed constantly on. My specs are: gigabyte x366 Aorus pro (I have no way to check the current bios version) Ryzen Threadripper 2 2990WX 2x16GB crucial ddr4 3200 Zotac 1080ti Fractal Design ion+ 860W WhatsApp_Video_2020-03-28_at_23_55_23.mp4