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  1. Either way i fixed the b90 somehow now, thanks for the help. Everything is back to scartch
  2. Sorry my english is not my mother tongue, do understand that maybe one fan shuts down when there is no need for it? When i run a benchmark, both fans turn on.
  3. Thank you, very helpful. So i rebooted the bios, reinstalled windows. Finally it booted up, but the fan error is still ongoing. No clue what could be wrong. cleaned it, swapped to check the fans, but still one side is not working. One of the connections from the board doesn't work? or the board doesn't work?
  4. Tried it, still nothing, you think the gpu is dead?
  5. Hello guys, i have HP Omen laptop, i5 7th gen, it has two fans inside. Started to get B90 error, so i decided to clean the laptop to se if it helps, it did not help still got b90 even though i tried swapping the fans, to see if the fan is broken. It did not help either. Read online that maybe a hard reset or updating Bios would help, but it made it worse. Now my laptop turns on, i can hear the fan working but it doesn't boot up, even from an usb. Black screen and that's it. Is the cpu dead or i dont know something. Could anybody help me out. Thanks for any kind of support or help