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  1. Interesting, well I dont know if the Bios is updated. But im going without the second stick of ram for now.... Just wanna game haha. I'll fiddle with that later.
  2. Dont wanna Jynx, but we are on the desktop! 1070 is recognized! I'm a happy guy! The grind was definitely worth the outcome... Appreciate the help from both of you! Cheers from Toronto, Canada. Stay safe and healthy.
  3. Huzzah! I took out a stick of ram, and we have posted! Im now on a bois screen i believe... Stay tuned.
  4. sorry it is the H270. I got the numbers mixed up. I kinda just guessed based on google.
  5. No it is flashing back and forth. I attached a video. video-1585441178.mp4
  6. Okay! So I took the CMOS battery out, let it sit. It now doest not auto shut off, but it the ez debug is going back and forth between cpu and dram.
  7. I am in the process of resetting the Bios. Ive checked connections, so we shall see if this does the trick. Appreciate the continued help. Ill keep you posted!!
  8. But according to what I look up the 1070 actually has a lower TDP than the 770. But my confusion is how can it work before doing this? I go then try to use the 770 again, and it doesnt work. Did i kill the PSU somehow?
  9. Thank you all 3, I will check all connections right now. If that fails, perhaps i will try to reset the bios.
  10. Ok so I have looked at the manual for the EZ-debug. I found them, and the attached video is what i see. It flashed CPU then DRAM, then it turns off. video-1585432872.mp4
  11. Hi All, I recently received an Asus 1070 from a buddy who had recently upgraded his card. I have a 770, so It was very generous of him and a nice upgrade! I didn't build the PC myself, a friend did, but I figured that this is a pretty straightforward upgrade.... So I went to do the upgrade, took the 770 out and put the 1070 in. I then went to boot the PC, and it seemed to go into a "Boot Loop", the fans spin on the coolers and GPU, the leds turn on but then the PC just shuts off and continues to repeat this (see video below). I then tried to reinstall it again, revert back to the 770 and even tried to boot with no GPU (using the cpu on board graphics) but I was met with this same issue no matter what. My PC was working fine before this, so it almost certainly something to do with my installation.... From what my research tells me it could be a MOBO issue? Please help if you can! I'd like to fix this on my own as I'd love to be gaming during this lockdown without having to go to a repair shop.... Rough Specs here: MOBO: msi arctic tomahawk b350 CPU: i5 7600k (didnt overclock) PSU: CX650M — 650 Watt 80 PLUS Bronze Certified Modular ATX PSU RAM: 16 GB of Crucial Ballistix Sport LT GPU: PNY 770 / Asus 1070 SSD: Samsung 970 EVO Plus HDD: WD Blue 1TB GPU FAil.mp4