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  1. Hmm, it kinda happened with Division 2 on a SSD as well. Textures glitching all over the place till reseting the game.
  2. I changed it from the AMD Optimized to the On, but i may try it off to see if it fixes the issue. But is that the only fix possible? Do you know why does it keep corrupting the textures like that?
  3. Yeah, i've tried everything except a clean Windows install at this point. I also hope for the best.
  4. So, for some time i've been having this problem with textures on my games, sometimes they warp to the infinity for no reason, GPU is not overheating and closing the game fixes it for some time, deleting the shader cache also fixes. Is my GPU dying? Or is there a fix on software level? Already tried alot of drivers versions and still have the problem once the shader fills itself or whatever. Been trying to fix that, but it's a problem that always come back in one way or another in the games i play. Pls help! OS: Windows 10 1909 GPU: RX 570 Gigabyte Gaming 4G CPU: i7 4770k Stock. Motherboard: B85M-E/BR RAM: 12GB DDR3 1600Mhz Kingston 8/4