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  1. I think I will wait for the 3000 series or a really good deal on the 2070 super. I ordered the ryzen 3600 with 16gb of ram, a new 500gb m2 ssd and a motherboard. So now I will just wait and see if I can find a good deal
  2. Something I should mention too is that my motherboard have started to give up i think. A few of the ports on it is broken.
  3. I´m not from US, in my country its pretty hard to get a pair 8gb ddr3 and they will cost around 50-70 USD
  4. I have money to upgrade everything but I was wondering what would be the smartest choice here. Wait for a 3000 series cards or just go for the 2700 super or 2060 super
  5. Well I would like to get 16gb of ram, I only have 8gb and it would feel like a waste of money to buy ddr3.
  6. I will buy a ryzen 3600 but I was thinking about getting a new gpu with it
  7. Hello so I have been thinking alot about upgrading my graphics card. I have a amd 390 right now. So my question to you is it worh to upgrade my graphics card now or should i wait for nvidas new series? I use a 1080p monitor with 144hz. My cpu is a 4670k but I will upgrade it to ryzen 3600 because I want more ram and I feel like it would be waste of money to buy ddr3 right now.