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  1. Good day, I'm new to asking for help online as I am not even sure if I'm in the right place to be asking this question. My lovely Huawei P20 Lite's screen has stopped working and i go my hands on two "replacement" phones, an LG K4 LTE and a Sky Devices phone whose name I'm not too sure of but I assume its a 5.0W . I would like to install a lighter version of andriod just so my experience isn't molasses slow. I've seen andriod go and oxygen OS and lineage OS. My expertise is more on Pc rather than Andriod so I would assume that you can just install anther OS but it doesnt look like thats the case hence why im asking for help. If it's a link to a video or even directing me to somewhere I can ask for help i would appreciate it. Thanks.