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  1. So for anyone who has the same issue I went digging around on the internet and found this. I am using the same Joystick, a Logitech 3D Pro. It seems having a USB joystick or a controller like an Xbox One/360 controller will stop your display from shutting off. That is really dumb. Why MS hasn't fixed it is beyond me. But that's how you fix it. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-other_settings/windows-10-screen-wont-turn-off-after-specified/51ede8de-2899-4d0c-a5cb-a45529396d2b
  2. It's not going to hurt anything. It will either work or it won't. If it doesn't work just let it boot back into the BIOS and disable the DOCP. Exit and save your BIOS setting and your PC will boot up as normal.
  3. I had this problem and I can confirm it. Restart your PC and go into the BIOS. enable DOCP. Then save and exit the BIOS. If it's going to accept it your PC will boot up as normal. If not you will hear your PC start up and then shut off, probably a few times. Then it will just go into the BIOS and you will have disable the DOCP to boot into Windows. Then you can either try a manual overclock of the RAM or get a new kit. Some people on here told me that the corsair Vengeance RAM does not overclock well on AMD boards. That the Corsair Vengeance LPX is more aimed at Intel boards.
  4. I tried DOCP with some 32GB 3200MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX. My ASUS X570 TUF didn't like it. It wouldn't let me use DOCP. So I bought a G.Skill 16GB kit that runs at 3600MHz. It's the Trident kind with the RGB. DOCP worked fine with that. It said it was made to work with Ryzen and the OC profile and it does. DOCP is fine and safe. It's the only way you will be able run your RAM at the 3200MHz advertised speed. If DOCP won't work then you have to try and manually OC it. I don't know how to do that which is why I just bought the new kit. That or you will have to run your RAM at the base speed which is 2133MHz.
  5. I am using a ViewSonic VP2468 right now. It's an IPS panel, and I heard it uses an LG panel which is supposedly the best. It's aimed at people who do image and video work who need accurate colors. Though I just game on it and it works fine for that and looks really good and sharp. The colors even came factory calibrated and I got paper work telling me so. Though I didn't quite understand it or pay much attention to it. I was looking to get an IPS monitor cause they have better colors and image quality than TN panels. I had two monitors before and they were both TN panels. I noticed the difference right away. It is an entry level monitor though, it's 24" and the native resolution is 1920x1080 at 60Hz. It was priced at $300 back in 2018 but I bought it from Best Buy for $250 or so. It has a nice sturdy base and it can be raised and lowered. The screen will also pivot so you can turn it and it will look like a picture frame. You can also access the connections on it easier. That's what I used it for. It also has VESA mount so you can attach one of those arms that you attach to your desk. It's available on Amazon for $230. On Newegg it's $250. Best Buy has it for $230 as well but it says sold out. https://www.newegg.com/viewsonic-vp2468-23-8-full-hd/p/1B4-009M-00024?Description=VP2468&cm_re=VP2468-_-1B4-009M-00024-_-Product&quicklink=true
  6. I usually set my monitor to shut off or sleep after 20 minutes in the windows power management settings. The one where you can choose when to put your computer in sleep mode and when the display shuts off. It was working fine a day or so ago. Now it won't shut off. I usually just leave my PC on all the time and let the display shut off. I have never used sleep mode. I have had this happen in the past with other PC's but usually it eventually starts working again. I don't know an actual fix. My monitor has something called auto power off and sleep mode. Both are turned off. It's a ViewSonic VP2468. There was a Windows update the other day. I don't know what it was. It might have screwed something up. I have tried shutting the monitor off and then turning it back on. I have tries restarting the PC and even shutting it down and turning the monitor off and unplugging it from the GPU. Nothing seems to work. Anyone else ever have this issue? If so did you ever fix it?
  7. I don't mind Ryzen Master. I use it to monitor temps. I used to use core temp but the temps are usually higher than on Ryzen Master. I am using a Arctic Freezer 34 Esports Duo as a cooler and I see 4.2Ghz in games occasionally when I use MSI afterburner OSD.
  8. I found a video on how to enable it in the BIOS. I will look into that. Do I need to enable anything else? Like auto overclock?
  9. I found it in Ryzen Master I believe. It's in the game and creator modes. I believe you just switch it over from default. Out of all the videos I watched made by AMD about PBO they never explained how to activate it in Ryzen Master. But I heard that's a new feature for Master.
  10. ASUS X570 TUF Gaming Plus. The one without the wifi.
  11. I have been looking at it for a while and I can't find out how. I know it can be done in the BIOS I believe. Do I have to do there first or something? My CPU is a Ryzen 7 3700X.
  12. CuzinEd

    Fan Wires

    Depending on your case you have two options. You can connect them to the fan headers on your motherboard. Look in your motherboard manual and they will tell you where the fan headers are. I have a Fractal Define R5 and it has wires connected to a front panel control that allows me to control the speed of the fans. I just connected them to that. It's behind the door on the front of the case. I can run the fans at low, medium and high. I usually just use the medium setting. It a little slide switch. So if your case has a way for you choose the speed of the fans you can connect them that way. Just look in the manual for the case you have. It should explain it.
  13. I got a few globs on my CPU when I applied MX4 and mounted the Freezer 34 Esports Duo. You seem to be ok. Even if some runs over the side you can always clean it up with cotton swabs, get the Q-tip brand cause they are best. You can also get some of those alcohol wipes. Use alcohol no matter how you do it cause it works really well at cleaning it up and it dries fast, especially with 91% rubbing alcohol. I didn't do the neatest job when I applied my paste. It wasn't really bad. But I did the pea sized dot in the middle and I was going to do little dots in a square near the edges and the damn paste just drizzled all over it. I just gave up and said screw it. So I got one pea sized dot in the middle, one small dot a near the corner and thermal paste drizzled over the CPU. But everything turned out ok and very little ran out. Almost none. I wasn't feeling too well when I did it. I should have waited till I felt better.
  14. I just ran Cinebench and it never went above 65 degrees Celsius. I used Ryzen Master to monitor the temps. I even ran it in single core and it never went above 60 degrees Celsius. That's about what I see in RDR2. I haven't enabled PBO yet though.