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  1. @Herman Mcpootis Ok Ok that makes sence. Thanks So much!!!!!
  2. @HumdrumPenguin Sorry For the late response, But im wondering if I could buy any braided cables for the 660s under 100 bucks CAD. Thanks!!! Would this cable work??https://www.ebay.ca/itm/BALANCED-XLR-Cable-for-HD650-HD600-HD660s-HD6XX-UP-OCC-Silver-Plated-Copper/202805123947?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item2f38209b6b:m:mpEYhGVaG84CxSaVgCboXrA&enc=AQAEAAACUBPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qVB7IH0VJNP4S%2Bprxm3bLjDnSd0JrXIEfLNe76XB3mBgpimpeQC%2Fc417%2FWhBJjl966wrsYk5y9tk6sKjtWa%2FWKwVktYWgpPr9K8WEeaarFlbWuneN5G%2BHzQVA1SPQnBY5S9rUwu%2BL4tmU5MrJV2RftopyX6V9NGd%2BIJSDwcaFef8xF8wNZIzjKyv09ZOo0Eaygt%2FbLtKXrTi8%2B98UR5IkbGlqzrL0wPLUHNXCuC7pRX%2FU%2BKAC2FgP9YJmNKmQS65PuqdZvDx02ASeitac4E0raUZqf3QdyC%2BvCPiqojXZbT5fnLIUO1Gw7Vec2lyIRHxqTOxSMYUvRW4yZqm%2B5J3S%2F2OdVvDxBzR5BTp29f7OxywsCEdGncdyCf0YG1cbu7RqYaTm7xAXbkRMbxTEYRb%2FyMM1%2BGFuqWksfHNNIuh7YzVDUKjJ1FdoVUh5JwyW9dqODxm%2ByAb76zlQwA5GcwnhOLE3n3KzTZ%2BBRe%2FLyibp9uBqmcu14OVADAV2J9JhWuVuzg0nusiMwdHGi4KuWwr4MZlsfGNl8ddEkrvRlCVDKFk90D4ygac7bL2Oc%2BJ9SljgyE9wqAzrRSPVutrxidX0sDdvGu3WbQ0YhOf5M4hchWsvguMHTFKq%2F%2FQsG9COFOaRUPWKAqp%2FvgdKQvNbT%2BCbU2Ry7h8vUT9n%2B8B0l0ebT2bimQ0ZF2%2BjBcBlB466TtsVc2w0VWLDwKIQ0YitNqpFjZd4N974Fl7%2BXBKaFRYhMuYd5Ji3cK5lIQbjRn2GS2V3Q%3D&checksum=202805123947dae4e2943eef4fe281e7d8d2c4710183
  3. I need to buy windows for the PC im planning to build so I was wondering where i can get windows for under $80 CAD.
  4. @patchboy id rather just buy it but i will in the future build my own thanks so much
  5. @patchboy yes i use a amp, and thanks for the help. Thanks!!!!
  6. @Den-Fi ok so i should just use the cable from the 600 instead of ordering this 1
  7. I broke my hd660s cable and was wondering if my hd600 cable will fit since they sadly broke when i was moving so im wondering if the cable connecter is the same (the part that connects to the headphones). Will this cable work from amazon?https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0788982JM/ref=ox_sc_act_image_3?smid=AJ2PJNO98VCDO&psc=1
  8. @That 1 Tech Dude Thanks so much the tournament looks like they will work well and they will fit the rest of my razer gear. Thanks!!!!
  9. @ImAlsoRan Thanks so much i will add these to my list of consideration thanks!!!!
  10. I'm looking for a new headset with surround sound under $200 CAD, my old pair of cloud II broke after 3+ years of use. It would be great if they were a little noise cancelling and if their wireless that would be a good bonus. (also preferably white and black)
  11. @Eliptic I just needed a good arm that can reach from behind my monitor its dose not have to be close to me just good enough to pick up sound. Im going to put the compass in my list as a possibility. Thank you so much!!!