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  1. Mmm I see. I think I’ll just go for the 8700 no K since I don’t plan on doing crazy overclocking I just want a CPU that will let me game in peace and that is looking like the best all around one for me to be honest. Good balance.
  2. Oh and if you can still see this post I was wondering if you think I could get a i5 9600k. The thing I was worried about was my power supply now if I got that which is only 550 watts. The GTX 1660 recommended watts is 450 and the 9600k is 95 which would be really close to the limit. Do you think that would work? My motherboard is a Prime H310M-R R2.0 if you could answer that or find the best CPU that is compatible with my motherboard that would be dope.
  3. All right man. I appreciate the help. I’ll look into that CPU in the future. I’ll have to deal with the stuttering for a little longer.
  4. Would you think the i7 8700 (no K) is a good CPU to buy? That is in my price range and my motherboard supports it.
  5. I’m running my BIOS at optimized defaults which is 2400Mhz on the RAM. I think I’ll just have to upgrade the CPU sadly. I appreciate you helping me though.
  6. So my GPU or CPU aren’t in the supported section that you linked. I’m guessing that will make my game run like crap? Sorry for all the questions.
  7. Frame drops every 3 seconds is not enjoyable to play with. Trust me I’ve tried but it’s just stressful I think I’ll just have to try and get a better CPU since all of my other hardware is working perfectly. Just the CPU with insane usage.
  8. What lol? My specs are fine I shouldn’t have stupid little stutters every few seconds I’d be better going back to consoles then if I have to deal with this...
  9. Everything is up to date. Temperatures are fine. I’m lost for ideas.
  10. Whenever I uncap my frames my GPU and CPU both go to 100% and my resource monitor my CPU frequency is way over 100%. Not sure if that’s bad or not but I’d imagine it is.
  11. Well my i5 9400f has been going to 100% when I’m playing games and from what I understand that CPU shouldn’t be bottlenecking. I have a GTX 1660 6GB, 16 GB RAM. I’ve tried about absolutely and this problem will not go away if anyone can help I’d greatly appreciate it.