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  1. I could go 3900x and 2080 super plus I dont plan on doing water cooling cause although offering better performance for a short loads you lose the benefits for extended loads which is why I went for a noctua 12us (or whatever its called). Plus the 3900x comes with a decent cooler already which I could use for a short period of time till I could get a better one.
  2. Yes I do currently have an crucial ssd that I did forget to mention and yeah there is no real reason besides for aesthetics and the 3600 clock speed
  3. 1. Budget & Location $1500 US dollars 2. Aim for gaming such as battlefield V, minecraft, far cry, risk of rain 2, borderlands 3, and call of duty. I am also an engineering student and use my pc occasionally for some 3d modeling already using programs such as autocad and solidworks. I also do some photo and filming editing time to time but rarely. I like my RGB because more RGB=better performance(jk), but dont really care for it on the graphics card. I currently have a corsair RMx 850 watt white power supply. I have a corsair 500d case and plenty of case fans. the picture attached is my current Idea of a build. Im trying to go with a black and white aesthetic. Kind of just looking for thoughts and opinions on it. 3. Monitors one monitor already have one 4. Peripherals have all peripherals 5. Why are you upgrading? completely abandoning console gaming. Looking for something to last me awhile and be able to do all of what is being asked without a hitch. any questions just ask.