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  1. well dern been too busy to babysit the computers and they havnt gotten many work units.. just glad all the research is being gobbled up with hardly any back log by the looks of it..
  2. i sure wish there were more work units right now, my heaters are hardly flexing.. on a bright note we are about to rank up as a team!!!!!
  3. hayy finally gota few work units but they better get more lined up lol that 3950x is chewing right through them
  4. as far as the irish side we mostly hail from swords and a small village up in drumshanbo where the caves are.. as far as scott man i couldnt tell ya when the scandanavians were hired by the crown to police scottland and ireland they basically bread into scottland im about 25 scott 25 scott and 50 scandanavian.. all over the place
  5. awee shenanigens hahahah im a mutt.. irish, scot, scandanavian, from whelan clan in ireland yadda yadda
  6. no but we went to school together years ago.. we know eachother
  7. how do i point my boxes at taht server for work units everything is idle right now
  8. lol ardmore, ok hahahha dont raid me join me hahaah theres plenty to go around for a few months hahahhaha
  9. im new here rolling in to folding with a couple of hedt's hopefully i can help a lil bit..