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  1. @GOTSpectrum, thank you so much for these epic blog posts. I read them each night to inspire and boost morale. WUs have not been consistent today but I still had a respectable amount, and one was for "COVID-19 protease - potential drug target". Congratulations to all who are folding for the cause - whether you are 1st or 8,001st, you are making it happen! Let's hope the research yields a way forward!
  2. My partner estimates that with both of us folding 24/7, our power bill will go up by about $50/mo., but we are west of you so I'm not sure if that helps.
  3. I'm also noticing the lag on stats - GPU just finished a WU but neither my points nor my WU count reflect this, either in the FAH Web Client or EOC. Less worried about points right now, just wondering how many WUs my little rig has been churning out (my stats say 38 but I'm sure there have been 1-2 more). Feel bad for the poor stats servers!
  4. I guess because it can be power-intensive and there is the fear of hardware failure? I am well-insulated from that, I suppose, both because this is a mostly-retired rig and because I was feeling a desperate need to do SOMETHING while cooped up at home.
  5. @GOTSpectrum Day 2 of the event and the little 980Ti has not gotten "fold feet" and is currently chugging away This is my partner's old gaming rig, doesn't see nearly as much action as it did when it was the primary rig, so I figure it's happy to get busy.
  6. The link from @Kenpachi1985 is a great one! If you pull up your username, it can even show you hourly production stats along with points. I'm new to this so I'm not 100% sure, but I think the Advanced Control page just estimates how many points a WU will earn.
  7. Not sure if the web client is having difficulty keeping up with the points...for me the web client has not updated since Friday night, and I am sure my rig has done 2 WUs since then.
  8. At one point yesterday both my CPU and GPU were folding COVID WUs, otherwise for me it's mostly been 11779 and my FAH web client refuses to load the description for that one. Mind you, my hardware is nothing significant.
  9. It's amazing to watch the LTT numbers growing. Congratulations are due to all!
  10. As always, wonderfully written! I wasn't able to comment on the post but would like to say here: Thanks to fearless leader @GOTSpectrum and all mods for keeping us on an even keel as we sail into uncharted waters and reach new folding heights Many congratulations to those in the top 10, top 15, top 50, and top 100!!