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  1. Just gonna update this issue so if someone came across the same problem they should know that this problem is unsolvable. I contacted MSI. They tried to solve it. They gave me a bios update they didn't release yet but it didn't work either. I'm just going to use this drive with external case.
  2. That didn't work either. I've tried it on another motherboard and it worked without a problem. Only way it doesn't work when I connected to my motherboard with sata. I think motherboard has a compatibility issue. Contacted MSI. They said I should clear cmos. Tried that but didn't work. They said they're going to try the drive themselves if they can find the same drive.
  3. Thank you, but it didn't work. I thought it would and was really excited. Anyway, disk is spinning anyway if I cover those pin or not. I can hear it. I guess it's a compatibility problem or something.
  4. I built a new sff pc. I have a 512 gb nvme ssd. I had a old 1.5 tb drive from a laptop. Samsung Spinpoint M9T 1.5TB ST1500LM006. When I connect it via hdd box with usb3, all is ok. I can see the drive. Shows up in file explorer, device management and disk management. But when I connect it inside the case, it doesn't show up in bios, device or disk management, diskpart, windows installation screen. Different disks works and I can see them in windows so I know motherboard and cables isn't faulty. Things I've tried and failed: - Deleted partitions. - Created partitions. - Formatted. - Unformatted. - Different sata and power cables many times. - Different sata ports. - Cleaned the disk with diskpart. - Sata settings in bios. - Changed it to mbr and gpt. My system: - MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC - Amd Ryzen 3600 - Palit 1660ti - Adata SX8200 512 GB - Corsair SF450 This is the weirdest problem I've came across in my 20 years of computer journey. There is not a single problem I couldn't solve or go around with the help of google and forums like this but this one, I couldn't tackle.