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  1. my editing Software is DaVinci Resolve and uh can you please explain what you mean by the Front fan being too longI don’t understand (srry)
  2. Question: can the AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 RED Dragon By PowerColor fit in the NZXT H200i? I want to build the Ultimate $950 4K/6K Mini-ITX Editing rig.
  3. I mean if you want PCIe lanes forget about Intel HEDT and go straight to Threadripper. the 1920X (12-Cores/24-Threads) goes for $200-$250 on Amazon Regularly and that is buying it new not used. and you can find the X399 Taichi by ASRock for $200-$350
  4. yes ik its a decent CPU But it is selling at almost MSRP on Amazon, and on eBay it is from $650-$2000 ($2000 was the highest price I saw and its not like I am considering buying one, Im just asking)
  5. how bad of value is the Core i7 6950X?
  6. https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B07BRCZG3M/ref=sr_1_1?sprefix=vega+56+red+de%2Caps%2C357&crid=14BDBDQ7BFCO8&keywords=red+devil+vega+56&qid=1585391839&sr=8-1&dchild=1 here is a Vega 56 8Gb HBM2 for $250.
  7. The testing was performed using DaVinci Resolve 14 We have 16 now, and Blackmagic Design really upped their game when it comes to Multi-GPU Scaling and Support
  8. You have a point, But there is a problem, and it is: NO ONE SHIPS TO SAUDI ARABIA! I cant find the card anywhere, And when I do find it, it costs more than a $1000. But I did find a replacement to the Radeon VII and WX-9100, its Vega Frontier Edition (Found one on eBay for $373)
  9. I use DaVinci Resolve which Scales decently on Dual GPUs
  10. I mainly want the 64 PCIe Lanes so I can run Dual GPUs at full PCIe 16x, Plus Its $200 If I want a Ryzen 9 3900X I will be looking at well above $400
  11. I will use a Threadripper 1920X (yeah IK its abit outdated, but I will be using it for its 64 PCIe lanes) with 64Gb of RAM a 250Gb Boot SSD for the OS and other programs and a 1 TB NVMe PCIe SSD as a scratch drive