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  1. oh, that is new to me, i never had problem with ssd so i thought they are more reliable. thank you for correcting me.
  2. bro its a rockstar account i bought it from someone who didnt like the game, i posted this post to get help not to be judged by you. can you help me please are not?
  3. yes but its still original copy... the method i used not legal but its still be the same dont forget its a rockstar account...
  4. 12-13 us dollars i cant tell exactly because the current i used( 50 lsraeli new shekel)
  5. ssd is more reliable than hdds because hdds are mostly mechanical so a physical damage more likely to destroy them, but they are more cheaper. if you have the budget go with ssd if speed is not of your main req go with high performance hdd like wd black but he is pretty noisy....
  6. hi, my rx5700xt somehow struggeling at red dead redemption 2 and its wierd because i need to get atleast 55-70 at high settings 2k and im only get 35 at full hd medium and 24 at 2k high i need help to fix this im going to try ddu at safemode for the drivers and verify game files, by the way my cpu usage is between 9-13% (ryzen 3700x) i have 16gb ram 3200mhz 650w psu so power and memory is not a problem... i would like to talk with expert or just a nice dude with idea how to fix it. thx anyway :).
  7. yes, ill probably take it, but i thought to use my pc as openbench at first, to see if there is any noticeable difference.
  8. yes, up to 4000 rpm. the same results, but its just giving me more time before all of this start to happened.
  9. its a good a case, but i thought to upgrade to the fractal design meshy c something, hes cheaper and seems to have better airflow. because he not have a glass front panel.
  10. i just chose him because he was damn cheap and 4 fans that are good and slient (actually i chose im also because the case i wanted wasnt available and the rest was expensive) but he sealed like a bunker. and because of this my gpu running hot like a nuclear powerhouse.
  11. what did you saw at google images is 100% the same as my case without any changes.
  12. he getting hot at every intensive gpu software/game and i had it from january 17
  13. the fans are spinning at 1750-2100 rpm and my pc have 4 fans with balanced air pressure and i tried to remove the glass panel and there was zero difference.
  14. if you meant motherboard bios so i have gigabyte aorus elite at f51 bios and drivers for the gpu is amd adrenalin 20.7.2 and i cleaned it in the last few days his like new