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  1. So i have this big issue where my GPU is sucking. I have a msi gtx 1080ti gaming x trio with a Ryzen 7 2700x and 16gb of corsair 3200 ddr4 ram. And when playing games my fps is very bad. My card is not reaching its full potential, and the fans on the GPU are not even coming on, Ive updated drivers checked to make sure the bios was up to date and even tried old drivers Take battlefield 5 for example in max settings i should be getting around 150 frames, i am barely breaking 60. I do understand bf5 is a CPU intensive game and GPU utilization is extremely Low, but i watched a video with someone that's got the same CPU but a 1070 and hes getting better fps than me. and thats not the only game it happens in. I am extremely frustrated, and need help. I also cant get the osd with msi afterburner to display temps and and cpu/gpu usage in game, it did it once but never again. Thx in advance for any help. Its greatly appreciated