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  1. Hi everyone, Recently going to college and decided to get my A+ certification. After signing up and recieving my books through mail I noticed one book was actually an online code for another website. After signing up and getting everything situated I read the description of the websites online course and noticed it was for the comptia ITF+ certification. So I double checked through my school and it's for the A+ 1001 &1002. My question is do you think this is gunna work? I was told ITF+ was super basic and has little to do with A+.
  2. Oh really? That stinks. Yea the box itself said LAN for 2-4 and I was at an event where they had a setup. My mistake thanks for that info. I was really looking forward to that couch co-op ish experience oh well.
  3. Hello everyone!!! So I know absolutely nothing about networking. And I'm trying to make a LAN party for Monster Hunter World. So far I've looked up some tips and I know that the ip and sub should be like. IP:192.168.1.x (x being consecutive per consol) Sub mask: 225:225:225:000 My biggest question Is after the LAN if I decide to go back online should I switch these back or would my modem reset these sections for me. *also if I messed something up or missi g something please comment