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  1. I that even possible on an Ryzen 5 2600x ?
  2. Plz tell me how the hack can u reach under there ? + there are resistors around the VRM ( the heatsink covers them cuz they are the same size as the VRM)
  3. I used 99.9% iso did not worked bye bye GPU
  4. I ordered iso it will arrive only Friday but if the iso don't work im f-ed up
  5. GPU dried after the Ethanol bath that i did before asking on forum is that normal after a GPU alcohol bath? Is some sort of white, btw this are the heatsinks.
  6. I ordered the alcohol from amazon it should arrive monday cuz i have prime for how long does it have to stay in the alcohol (GPU bath)
  7. After the GPU bath if i dry it with the heat gun and turn it back on it will work or do i have to put it in a rice bowl for 1 day or let it dry for 2 day ...?
  8. But the iso is not flammable? I mean im gonna try it if is not gonna work f it i'll let it like that but i don't know thanks for the info tho
  9. 1 week passed still no respons
  10. i tried to contact them they don't respond i tried any way possible everything the only last thing was to ask on forum for more info
  11. There is a problem as is an mini GPU there is not much space on it so i can't reach under the VRM only way is a GPU bath ...
  12. cuz i bought a new ITX case
  13. is an RTX 2060 mini ITX OC edition by Gigabyte and i have to put the old cooler cuz i bought i smaller case so i can take it with me and the alcohol that i used was Ethanol 70°
  14. 30min with the heat gun at 110°C tryed to move it to left and right gently did not worked