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  1. They are already to 100%. But I guess I found the problem. So, basically my gpu was giving me fake temps because the thermal compound was completely worn out. I opened my gpu(Rog strix 1080), and I noticed what the hell was going on. So yeah, make sure you check the thermal paste, or get it checked by a professional. Sometimes the solution is so obvious that it hurts.. Lol. Pics for proof: The card had basically zero contact with the cooler. I still don't know why It was giving me fake temps, but now all is good. Rock solid 45° celsius when I play, with fans at 100% cause Overclock.
  2. Thankyou for the update... Maybe my graphic card is getting too hot too, but it's showing 54 degrees max. I would love to find a solution for this.
  3. And of course temps are great, cpu usage too and blabla. This problem is driving me mad.
  4. I have the same problem, I changed my motherboard and cpu, but problem persists. My games run like crazy for 2 hours and then I lose 20 frames and everything is stuttery. Even at 130 frames, my 144hz monitor shows heavy stutters..