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  1. I know this is starting to get a complicated issue to solve. Thats exacly why i ask you guys that if you feel like this would be too much of a hassle well just tell me its fine
  2. I would gladly do that. The problem is my parental figure dosent want to buy "useless" things. If i dont have at least a 80% sureness that ill need it he would just not let me have it. Im under 18. Im just 16.And this is a really complicated thing for me. Thats why i try to use what i already have.
  3. If i try to make it start with a normal molex to atx8 pin for a gpu it dosent work thats exacly why i did my homemade connector wich has a different pattern
  4. Ill also need to buy a heat gun. Its impossible to desolder it with a iron
  5. It works too? I mean yeah it works but it does have temperature differences right?
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/16sf28pvwg4xg66/VID_20200524_012140.mp4?dl=0 If i run it without heatsinks is only for a couple of seconds im fully aware that for longer times it dangerous. But as long as its just to see if the logo comes up then ill buy them