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  1. ah okay noted thank you very much and stay safe.
  2. yeah exactly i need to save money to buy motherboard and cpu because i search google for compatible processor for my gpu and some are intel processors and it cannot compatible for my motherboard so i need to buy motherboard and cpu then.
  3. i use the msi afterburner. while playing dota, the gpu usage is only 20-30 percent and cpu usage is about 88-95% so its cpu bottleneck.
  4. yes but its only 9% according to the bottleneck calculator
  5. Hi guys! I have the nvidia gtx 1050 ti now then i play some games like dota,csgo and pubg but the fps is very low is like 30-50 fps in dota. How to boost fps for my games? My specs: CPU: AMD A8-7680 GPU: GTX 1050 TI RAM: 8 GB MOTHERBOARD: ASUS A68HM-K MONITOR: HP V194
  6. but the fps will get higher the rx 570 than the gtx 1050 ti even if it has bottleneck?
  7. I play dota2,apex legends,pubg,csgo,cod warzone and fc5. But i search the pc bottleneck calculator to calculate bottleneck for my processor and rx 570 and the result is about 20% bottleneck.
  8. Hi guys! I am new here, I have plan to buy gaming video card(GTX 1050 TI) and my processor is A8 -7680. I search google and I think GTX 1050 TI is not compatible with my processor. So, I need your help or suggestions. What is the compatible gpu for A8 -7680? Thanks in advance