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  1. I am using my 3600 at 4.35 GHz at 1.29v with a -0.100v. At max load its staying at around 1.25v. It doesn't get past 80c with F@H running
  2. I got 69th. All I can say is nice
  3. This project is a real bottleneck to PPD when I get 1m points with RX 5700
  4. I'm still waiting to be credited the 20 WUs I have completed in the last 12 hours but EOC seems to be unable to update
  5. If the pause/ unpause doesn't work for you try using the client-type advanced flag. It will unlock a lot more WUs
  6. That's a tricky WU, even if it runs on my rx 5700 I get 30% less PPD than normal WUs
  7. I have been getting a lot of CPU WUs on my GPU today and they cant even run at max capacity. My PPD for this GPU was 900-1m but now it dropped to 600-800 depending on the WU and its running at 80%(Pics in spoilers)
  8. I'm using RX5700 and it estimates 900k-1m PPD and I have hit that 980k in 24 h
  9. Can it reach 100 attempts? Im refreshing every time I see it needs 30 mins per attempt
  10. Anyone know if there is a way to make uploading faster? It seems it's using only 200-500kbps of my connection instead of 5Mbps that I have available. Downloading is also kind of slow. Is it because of their servers maybe?
  11. In my case I have trouble getting CPU WUs. My GPUs are getting new ones before I even finish and I have set it to 96%
  12. I have set my ryzen 3600 on 8 threads, it seemed the best choice for me in order to not reduce the points of my GPU when running together and to not go over 75 C and its going to about 65% of CPU