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  1. yes they are about 83 ℃ checked if it's their fault but even at over 90 clocks were not beaten
  2. i have a dell 7755 laptop with i7-7700HQ cpu. I have problems with the powel limit throttling because when I play at random moments the power limit is set to 10W which decreases the speed of cpu and fps. I have a throttlestop program can it help? How should I configure it to solve the problem?
  3. M4C1X

    Cooling pad

    I have a dell 7755 laptop that is overheating. If I remove the flip at the bottom of the laptop, is the pad blowing straight on the components to cool them down more, or leave the flip as it is?
  4. I have a Dell 7755 laptop with i7-7700HQ. When playing at random moments (I think) power up to 10W turns on. How can I fix it?
  5. I ununstalled it in control panel and now it isn t installed
  6. This is my ThrottleStop config
  7. Still the same2020-03-22.txt
  8. ok but i can change this should i change it for better performence?
  9. ok, thanks for now, when I do the game tests, I write back
  10. that is, if I unlocked c states I should set it as much as possible
  11. I have c states disabled should i enable is? My cpu is undervolted so I can t uninstall intel xtu
  12. I have uninstalled this driver and enabled disable and lock turbo power limits feature
  13. 2020-03-21.txt When the processor's speed drops, its use also decreases, as do all components
  14. I have a Dell inspiron 7577