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  1. I placed 2741st. not bad for just a laptop with a GTX 1060, huh?
  2. If it's not entered during that initial 5 minutes (drawing from my experience from when I set up F@H on my Linux dual-boot), it doesn't seem like it automatically removes that flag. I removed it just to be safe after entering my passkey and whatnot, but I think you could safely leave it there without any issues.
  3. the highest I've gotten was for 83,258, scanning through my logs.
  4. the reason that you see fold-anon enabled is that it's enabled by default when running F@H after a certain timeframe (at least on Linux). there's a 5 minute grace period where it's paused during setup so you can enter your folding name and passkey (and team!), but it'll fold anonymously after that time's elapsed if you haven't. thankfully (or maybe not, depending on how badly you want attribution), disabling the setting will prevent it from downloading any WUs if you don't have your folding name (and maybe other stuff?) configured.
  5. everyone, regardless of rank, will be in the prize draw so as long as they have at least 500k points & minimum of 10 days participation. (though the spirit is to outdo both so we can nip this virus in the bud. )
  6. I just purchased Humble Bundle's COVID-19 bundle that they have on their site for the next week, and I have 6 Steam keys from that to donate because I already have some of those games on Steam and/or Epic. would love to toss them into the community pool.
  7. odd, but it seems like that was the case. I installed 442.59 over the system (making sure to uncheck anything related to keeping current settings), and this one also seems to report as the latest version. perhaps the version was either misnumbered or just accidentally released to the wrong channel through the Experience program. at any rate, this seems to be working just fine. thanks for the insight!
  8. hi! I've been poking around the interwebs for a while (and obviously have been tuning into LTT for practically forever), and figured this would be a great place to ask my question. I've been wondering for a long time about whether my GTX 1060 drivers are fully up to date on my Windows machine. I have an ASUS ROG GL702VM gaming laptop that definitely looks the part, and inside it is the notebook variant of the 1060, currently running game ready driver version 450.12 on Windows 10 insider build 19582. the odd thing is, this is the driver version that the GeForce Experience wizard claims to be the "latest version", even though it was released 10/01/2019. cross-referencing Nvidia's site shows that the newest Game Ready driver is 442.59, released 03/10/2020. I'm not sure if that release was a mishap and needs to be manually "downgraded", or if doing so would just cause the GeForce Experience wizard to nag me to update to the older "latest" version and thus be no more helpful. thanks in advance!