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  1. I was looking at the NZXT CAM software. If I look at the AMD Radeon Software stats it is indeed maxing out, thank you for pointing this out, I was afraid my GPU wasnt being utilized as well as it could. I wanted to upload an image as well, but it doesnt allow me to either. Anyway, all seems fine now, thank you for the info.
  2. It finally started running. I already had the GPU slot setup, but it just wouldnt pickup any projects on the GPU side. After 2 days I finally got a GPU project running as well. I looked around some F@H fora, and apparently there are more GPUs connected than they can facilitate, so sometimes it can take up to several hours or days to find a project for the GPU. Now I ran into the next issue, the GPU is only utilized for 1% or 2%, any idea why this might happen?
  3. Unfortunately this did not solve the issue. CPU is being used to the max, but the GPU is still at 0,0% usage. I'll let my PC run on CPU only for now, but if anyone knows a possible fix, i'd love to hear it.
  4. Made an account just to ask for this. I installed the Folding@Home installer, and it has been on for 2 days now, however my GPU (RX5700XT) is not being utilized (No Projects at all). Does anyone know how I can get the folding client to pick up my GPU? Specs: Ryzen 7 3700x 32GB 3200 RAM Gigabyte RX5700XT ASUS x570 Motherboard