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About NathansNonsense

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  • Birthday 2003-02-05

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  • Location
    New Zealand
  • Interests
    computers, games, art
  • Biography
    Nathan's Nonsense on youtube (#AD)
  • Occupation
    wasting time


  • CPU
    i7 9700k
  • Motherboard
    some Asus one that I cant fix the RGB for (pls help)
  • RAM
    4 * 8gb corsair rgb
  • GPU
    EVGA 2080 super hybrid
  • Case
    corsair 500d
  • Storage
    like 3 random SSDs
  • PSU
    850w corsair one
  • Display(s)
    165Hz AOC one and a 144Hz asus one
  • Cooling
    h100i I think, plus 9 fans
  • Keyboard
    k95 platinum
  • Mouse
    corsair glaive (the scroll wheel comes loose if it gets too hot btw)
  • Sound
    hyperX...cloud 2 I think?
  • Operating System
    windows 10
  • Laptop

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  1. oh neat, I didn't even realize it was just a week lol
  2. I don't even care about points anymore, i just want WU's to heat up my room, it's cold here down south
  3. oof, WU issues earlier on really do be hindering my ability to gain positions
  4. damn...I really do be kinda average rn, guess that's to be assumed though since everyone here seems to be pretty committed the cause
  5. it has now been like, an entire day since I last got a GPU WU, feels bad
  6. correction: I do have a badge
  7. whenever my PC played up I used to just go into reliability history and deleted anything that was being bad obviously me saying this is not at all specific to your problem and I have no idea if it's even remotely useful but still