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  1. Hello! so I have a build with an r5 1600 af, 8 gbs of ram, and an RX480 4GB, I used to play in a 720p 60hz monitor, but recently I upgraded to an 144hz 1080p monitor, This is my first ever pc that I built over summer, and since im waiting on the monitor I had this question stuck in my head, like are my games gonna run 144fps + on comp settings, like cs, valorant, overwatch, r6? 


    Thank you for whoever is willing to help me on this! 

  2. 5 minutes ago, MartinKweh said:

    Nah you good. Its just that your current specs can literally easily run almost anything in 1080p. Though at 720p you can have the settings a bit higher. Though thats completely up to you.

    Thanks a lot! That helps me and calms me lol 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Gaires said:

    If you are happy with your current monitor then no, it's not a bottleneck.

    144hz monitor might help you a little in fortnite and other online games.


    That's pretty typical as the game engines usually have 1 or 2 cores do most of the heavy lifting.

    Hopefully the new console generation will change this and game engines start to distribute the load more evenly across the cores and threads.

    Thank you so much that helps a lot! I appreciate it 

  4. I’m new at all this and the only reason I kinda believe it is what’s happening is bc of a YouTube video, but I’m not completely sure. 
    to start off, all drivers are up date.

    my specs: r5 1600, msi rx Radeon 480, 8 gigs of ddr4 3200mhz hyperz. And 500 watt psu. 
    my monitor is a sayon 720p 60 hertz, 

    temps: for gpu goes max at like 50-60c and cpu goes max at 60c 

    Game example: fortnite, my gpu usage was 40-50% and my cpu was weird, some threads were on 8% while others where on where on 20-28% my settings on fortnite are Comp, not high settings, not bc the gpu cant, more like bc I prefer it like that lol. If you could help me, that would be awesome, if you need more info in benchmarks etc, lmk, thank you for whoever reads this 

  5. 6 minutes ago, TofuHaroto said:

    Update the bios 

    Use ddu 

    Make sure you have xmp 

    If you do disable it and then see

    I’m new at this lol, wdym use ddu? And Xmp means using all your ram speed? If not what is it? And my bios is up to date I think, I updated like two weeks ago, but let check tho 

  6. So this morning when I turned on the pc, everything was fine, but my mouse paused. And then my screen turn off, and the pc was still running, but low sound, and when I press the on button to reset it, it turned on with spikes on gpu like two spikes and hdd and ssd, but after windows finished doing its thing it looks like this: 

    specs is 8 Gb ram ddr4 3200mhz, r5 1600, gpu Radeon rx 480, and ssd, and hard drive of 500gb, 500 psu. Idk if I’m freaking out over nothing but I wanna make sure everything is good


  7. 40 minutes ago, Jumballi said:

    cs:go and fornite are very cpu bound, meaning when there's action on the screen, the framerate drops. This is true for any cpu, even if you upgrade, it's just those drops are less pronounced. I'd look at upgrading to a used ryzen 2700x for around $100 or wait it out a bit and see if your motherboard supports ryzen 3000.


    My recommendation right now is to just not update, those games will continue to act the way they do with a cpu upgrade. You're better off just waiting for a more calculated upgrade.

    Gotcha, thank you for the help, I have another question, would overclocking help? I heard it does, i was thinking on overclocking, and upgrading my ram, I have 8 GB (4gb x2) dual channel, but I have 4 slots, so I wanted to upgrade to 16 Gb and buy another 4gb x2. What would you recommend? 

  8. 8 minutes ago, Jumballi said:

    no bottlenecking, but both cpu and gpu may have trouble keeping up in newer games, especially if you have background tasks running

    Is funny you said that Bc when I play over powered games like modern warfare, I get constant FPS and my gpu usage goes to 100 and good temps but when I go to cs go or fortnite my FPS sometimes drops and my gpu usage goes up and down, I’m trying to figure out the problem 😞

  9. 1 hour ago, TofuHaroto said:

    You should turn it on 

    Now I don't know where it is exactly since I am not familiar with gigabyte uefi but it essentially runs your ram at it's advertised speeds 

    When I try to open bios in my keyboard I press delete multiple times but nothing happens, it goes straight up to windows, anything I could do? 

  10. 2 minutes ago, TofuHaroto said:

    Go to your bios and check :)

    it should say enable xmp or xmp profile 1 if you have it on 

    Gotcha, Thank you! I will do that when I get home. So if I have it on, should I turn it off? If it doesn’t change anything should I put it back to normal? 

  11. 12 hours ago, V.K.Videsh said:

    Well, have you tried a driver update and checked if the fans on the card are working properly?

    If so, reseat the graphics card and see...

    I checked the updates and my gpu is up to date, but I when I first made the built 3 days ago I used to have a different and program, that I never saw spikes. I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them, but I haven’t reseated the graphics card yet, how can I do it? 

  12. Just now, AaronG 21 said:

    What do you mean ddu? I’m new with this lol. My temps are good, barely passes 60 degrees, sometimes 65 c but in rare cases, I have a r5 1600, rx Radeon 480 4gb, 8 Gb of ddr4 3200nhz one m.2 ssd and one 500gb hdd, with a thermal take 500w psu which is completely new 

    And a gigabyte b450m bs3h 

  13. 9 hours ago, TofuHaroto said:

    Ddu your drivers 

    Check your temps

    What are the full specs please ?

    PSU and how old is it ?

    What do you mean ddu? I’m new with this lol. My temps are good, barely passes 60 degrees, sometimes 65 c but in rare cases, I have a r5 1600, rx Radeon 480 4gb, 8 Gb of ddr4 3200nhz one m.2 ssd and one 500gb hdd, with a thermal take 500w psu which is completely new 

  14. 9 hours ago, JupiteL said:

    My old 480 did the same, one day updated the driver and usage is not flat on 100%. Do you notice any performance loss or stutter?

    Yes, when I played fortnite my first my FPS used to be really high, I had it up to 200 FPS, and it was locked, now I have it on 120 and when I’m playing a match it goes down even to 80 and then comes back up, not even when I’m moving the camera. What did you do to fix it? 

  15. I have a RX Radeon 480, and I noticed Recently that the usage goes from 0 to 100 or from low numbers to high numbers, Idk the reason why. It happens with fortnite, cs go, but I haven’t texted on other games like gta five and stuff. I did the benchmark from msi afterburner, and gpu usage was at 100% which I heard that’s what you want to happened, I will answer any info you guys need, please help.